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Welcome to K9 Weddings

Welcome to K9 Weddings, a new dog chaperone service for couples who would like their dog to be part of their special day. In this first blog post I wanted to introduce you to our new service and give some background about who I am and what prompted me to start K9 Weddings.

Who Is It That’s Behind K9 Weddings?

My name is Gary Box and I’m the owner of K9 Weddings. Even though I’ve not offered a service taking care of dogs at weddings before I’m no stranger to running my own pet service businesses.

In early 2017 I started Northampton Dog Walker which is a very successful dog walking and pet sitting business. In the past I’ve even had requests from couples asking if I provide a dog chaperone service for weddings. At the time I was busy working full time Monday to Friday so wanted to keep my weekends free to relax.

Then when Covid lockdowns began I started to get requests for pet transport. At this point Zena took over looking after Northampton Dog Walker whilst I focused on pet transport, even starting a new business called PetsA2B. I sold PetsA2B in the summer of 2022 and since then I’ve returned to offering pet services, mostly under another new business called Premium Dog Walkers.

Going forward I only plan to offer dog walking on a part time basis, perhaps 2 or 3 walks a day, during the week. Now that I’m able to work weekends I’ve decided to offer the same dedication and quality of service to this new venture that I have to my other pet businesses.

the Year Ahead

Since most weddings are planned well in advance I don’t expect 2023 to be very busy. I plan to use the time wisely, improving this website and promoting the business on social media.

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with other service providers in the wedding industry. I’ll be visiting as many of the popular, local dog friendly wedding venues as I can, perhaps even blogging about some of them. Photography is a passion of mine and I’ll be looking for some dog models to wear some of the doggy attire like bandanas and bow ties that I’ve already purchased. In the meantime if you have any questions about K9 Weddings or the services that we offer please get in touch.

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